Bespoke Consulting Services in Applied Financial Economics

Financial Economics Consulting, Inc., provides customized consulting services that are designed to meet the needs of specific clients for individualized projects in areas such as asset valuation, risk measurement, risk management process evaluations, reviewing or assisting in developing structured finance and (re-)insurance solutions, internal investigations, dispute resolution and litigation, and more.

Financial Economics Consulting, Inc. (f/k/a Risk Management Consulting Services, Inc.), was established in 1996 (successor to a 1994 sole proprietorship) to serve as the corporate base for Christopher L. Culp's consulting activities. Most of our projects are conducted working with other independent academic and professional colleagues and/or professionals employed by firms with which we maintain strategic alliances (chiefly Compass Lexecon for supporting our work on dispute resolutions, internal investigations, and litigation.

Specialized Consulting in Applied Financial Economics

We offer advisory consulting services and testimonial expertise in various areas of applied financial economics.

Product and Market Expertise

We focus on derivatives, structured finance, fixed-income, and credit products and markets. These products and markets are most often based on interest rates, credit risk, foreign exchange, and commodities (especially energy).

Strategic Alliances

Our work on large-scale projects involving internal or regulatory investigations and litigation is supported by our professional team at Compass Lexecon. Out other consulting work is often performed with close academic and/or independent professional colleagues.

Other Financial Economics Expertise

We also have experience in financial risk management, risk measurement, property/casualty (re-)insurance (structuring and risk management), and central counterparty risk management and default resolution.

My Clients

Our clients have included banks, (re-)insurance companies and brokers, hedge funds, pension plans, trade associations, professional services firms, financial exchanges, and central counterparties.

Academic Experience

Apart from Christopher Culp's role as the company’s Managing Director, he also wears several academic hats.

Academic Appointments

Dr. Culp's current and previous faculty appointments include:

  • Research Fellow at the Johns Hopkins University's Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health, and Study of Business Enterprise (since 2014)
  • Adjunct Professor at the Swiss Finance Institute (since 2015)
  • Honorarprofessor at Universität Bern in the Institut für Finanzmanagement (since 2001)
  • Former Adjunct Professor at the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business (1998-2013), the University of Basel (2004-2006), and a Visiting Professor at the University of Geneva (2009-2014)

In addition to his research, Dr. Culp has taught graduate-level courses on derivatives, structured finance and (re-)insurance, option pricing, and investments.

Examples of Professional Services Offered

From risk management reviews to litigation testimonial expertise, I offer concrete solutions to your needs for consulting services in matters pertaining to financial economics.

  • Financial Instrument Valuation
  • Hedging Effectiveness Evaluations
  • Risk Modeling Reviews
  • Insurance, Reinsurance, and Structured Products Analyses
  • Internal Investigations
  • Expert Testimony

International Scope

We have offices in Chicago, IL and Bern, Switzerland, and the firm serves clients across the globe. Previous clients have been located in Australia, Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States.